Schwerpunktbeitrag: The Philosophy of Kitaro Nishida – a Historical Introduction

Yoko Arisaka

Japan has a unique history. From 1639 until the mid-1800s, it remained isolated from the rest of the world: In order to control the spread of Christianity, the Tokugawa Shogunate closed all the ports, except the port of Nagasaki in the southernmost island of Kyushu, and only China and Holland were allowed to continue trade under strictly controlled conditions. By the time the American „Black Ships“ lead by Commodore Perry arrived at the shores of Yokohama in 1853, Japan had missed out on the amazing industrial advancements and revolutions that occurred in Europe and America during the 18th Century. With his modern weaponry and superior military power, Perry demanded the opening of the country, and Japan faced two alternatives: either to become a victim of Western expansionism, or to open itself up to modernization in order to protect itself. Weiterlesen