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On Standard View of Disability. An epistemic and ethical issue

Von Lautaro Leani |

The Standard View of Disability (SVD) presupposes that having a disability invariably worsens a person's quality of life. Some scholars have identified that the judgements of this perspective are informed by an ableism that assumes the able-bodied perspective as the norm and attempts to isolate the body from its social determinants. Here I will try to answer the following questions: Are the generalisations that the SVD presupposes to describe the quality of life of people epistemically justified? What ethical consequences does the SVD entail for health decision-making?

Pro und Contra: Sollen wir das Altern bekämpfen?

Pro: Stefan Lorenz Sorgner Bei jeder Frage, in der auf ein ‚wir‘ verwiesen wird, gilt es zunächst einmal zu spezifizieren, worauf dieses ‚wir‘ genau verweist. Wenn die Frage impliziert, dass eine Verlängerung der Lebensspanne notwendigerweise mit jedem Konzept des...