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Between Ostentation and Concealment: The Law on the Veil

Von Soledad Tuñón |

France passed a law on 15 March 2004 prohibiting students from wearing „conspicuous” religious symbols or clothing („signes religieux ostensibles”) that would display their religious affiliation at school. This would allow everyone to be – beyond the convictions of each individual – „free and equal". However, the question arises whether the law promotes equal treatment in reality. Do all students arrive at the school gate dressed in the same way?

On Cancel Culture

On March 30th, 2021, the city newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine (HAZ) reported that the city of Hannover cancelled a lecture by Professor Helmut Bley, a renowned historian of colonialism in Africa, because an activist group, Initiative für...

InDebate: Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Dialog?

Back in August, many Americans distracted themselves with an extended conversation about whether San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kapernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem before NFL games was an "appropriate" form of protest against police brutality...

InDebate: Post-Racial Discourse and American Genocide

Lissa Skitolsky Over the past three years the media in the United States has drawn attention to the epidemic of racist murders perpetrated by police officers against unarmed young black men and women (the five murders that received the most attention were those of...

InDebate: Flüchtlingskrise: die Erfahrung der Unbehaustheit

Ferdinand Fellmann Die Flüchtlingskrise beschäftigt auf verschiedenen Ebenen die Politik, die mit allen Mitteln versucht, die Probleme in den Griff zu bekommen und soziales Gleichgewicht zu schaffen. Begleitet wird die Politik von Bürgerbewegungen gegen...

InDebate: Hat Meinungsfreiheit Grenzen?

Martin Breul Ein altes Phänomen ist in den letzten Jahren durch die sozialen Netzwerke und die digitalen Medien in einer potenzierten Neuauflage zu beobachten: Fremdenfeindliche Personen, die ja inzwischen nicht mehr eindeutig äußerlich durch Springerstiefel und...